Mt. Apo and Mt. Piapayungan: 2 years after the fires

In 2016, two mountains in Mindanao were affected by separate fires--Mt. Piapayungan and Mt. Apo. I wanted to see how the areas have recovered after two years, especially since I helped a little bit with the Mt. Apo response team, so I downloaded some satellite images from the Sentinel 2 and Landsat 8. From the... Continue Reading →

A glimmer of hope for Manila Bay?

Manila Bay is not dead, at least not yet. Scientists from De La Salle University and University of the Philippines Manila measured the acidity level of the water in Manila Bay and found that it is still low enough to sustain marine life. And in case the acidity increases, whether naturally or from human activities,... Continue Reading →

AOGS-EGU 2018 Joint Conference poster

This year's Joint AOGS-EGU Conference, with the theme "New Dimensions for Natural Hazards in Asia", was held here in the Philippines last February 4-8. I was able to present a poster about detecting co-seismic ground deformation using InSAR.

Bringing hazard maps to communities

It's not often that I get the chance to participate in activities that bring our work to the communities. So when a colleague invited me to help out with their event, I jumped at the opportunity. Plus it was in my home region, so that was a bonus. I was there mostly to provide answers... Continue Reading →

Dangerous debris flows

A little over a month ago, heavy and sustained rainfall in Mocoa, Colombia triggered deadly landslides and debris flows, claiming more than 300 lives. Post-event analysis by scientists from GFZ Potsdam show that more than 600 landslides occurred within the watersheds next to town. The mixture of soil, rocks and debris from the landslides mixed with water... Continue Reading →

Bohol fault-finding

Photo above: At Inabanga, Bohol, where the ground rose about 3 meters. If you look closely, there's a person among the rubble, for scale. The 2013 Bohol earthquake was one of the Philippines' biggest earthquakes in recent history. It was a terrible disaster; killing a lot of people and damaging millions of pesos worth of properties. What's... Continue Reading →

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