Catalog of major landslides and debris flows in the Philippines

This is an ongoing personal project, so if you know of any event that’s not in this list, please let me know so I can add it here.

Date Location Volume Casualties Comments Sources/References
12/18/2015 Oriental Mindoro Landslides and debris flows triggered by Typhoon Nona (Melor) Llanes et al. (2015)
23/10/2015 Bakun, Benguet 140,000 cubic meters Slow-moving rotational landslide Galang et al. (2016)
18/10/2015 Nueva Ecija ~ 30 million cubic meters Debris flows triggered by Typhoon Koppu (Lando). Affected areas are alluvial fans. Eco et al. (2015)
12/4/2012 New Bataan, Compostela Valley ~25-30 million cubic meters at least 566 Debris flows triggered by rains from Typhoon Pablo (Bopha) Rodolfo et al. (2016)
6/21/2008 Libacao, Aklan 10,000 cubic Landslide dam; caused flashfloods Catane et al. (2012)
11/30/2006 Albay Lahars triggered by rains from Typhoon Durian; dikes were breached Paguican et al. (2009)
2/17/2006 Guinsaugon, St. Bernard, Southern Leyte 1126 Rock-slide debris avalanche Catane et al. (2007); Lagmay et al. (2006)
11/29/2004 Gen. Nakar, Infanta, and Real, Quezon 893 (?) Landslide damming caused build-up in Agos River, resulted in flashfloods and debris flows Gaillard et al. (2007)
8/3/1999 Cherry Hills Subdivision, Antipolo, Rizal 60 Caused by excessive rains from Typhoon Olga Punongbayan et al., (2002)

Note: Source and reference list is not exhaustive.

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