Rodrigo Narod Eco
MS Geology (University of the Philippines Diliman – ongoing)
BS Computer Science (University of the Philippines Los Banos – graduated 2006)
Curriculum vitae

PUBLICATIONS [complete list]

F Boesl, M Engel, R Eco, J Galang, LA Gonzalo, F Llanes, E Quix, A Bolten, H Brückner (2019) Digital mapping of coastal boulders – High-resolution data acquisition to infer past and recent transport dynamics. Sedimentology. doi:

KS Rodolfo, AMF Lagmay, R Eco, TML Herrero, JE Mendoza, LG Minimo, JT Santiago, J Alconis-Ayco, EC Colmenares, JJ Sabado, RW Serrado (2018) Super Typhoon Bopha and the Mayo River Debris-Flow Disaster, Mindanao, Philippines, December 2012. In: Meteorological Hazards, Climate Change and Super Storms. IntechOpen, available at: doi: 10.5772/intechopen.81669

F Llanes, JAM Galang, M Rabonza, PK Ferrer, AMF Lagmay, R Eco, C Cuadra, K Suarez, L Dasallas (2018) Geohazards Assessment. In: Sakunang Darating, Saklolo’y Tayo Rin: Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Handbook for Academic Institutions. The University of the Philippines Experience. Ed. Ferdinand C. Llanes, co-eds. Violeta V. Bautista, Ma. Leonora DL. Francisco, Alfredo Mahar A. Lagmay, Emmanuel M. Luna, Benito M. Pacheco, and Eric SM Talens. The University of the Philippines Press. Diliman, Quezon City, Philippines.

KS Rodolfo, AMF Lagmay, R Eco, TML Herrero, JE Mendoza, LG Minimo and JT Santiago (2016) The December 2012 Mayo River debris flow triggered by Super Typhoon Bopha in Mindanao, Philippines: lessons learned and questions raised, Nat. Hazards Earth Syst. Sci., 16, 2683-2695, doi:10.5194/nhess-16-2683-2016.

M Rabonza, R Felix, AMF Lagmay, R Eco, IJ Ortiz and D Aquino (2015) Shallow landslide susceptibility mapping using high-resolution topography for areas devastated by super typhoon Haiyan. Landslides. DOI 10.1007/s10346-015-0626-x.

IK Alejandrino, AMF Lagmay and R Eco (2015) Shallow Landslide Hazard Mapping for Davao Oriental, Philippines Using a Deterministic GIS Model. In: Communicating Climate Change and Natural Hazard Risk and Cultivating Resilience: Case Studies for a Multidisciplinary Approach Eds. Yekaterina Y. Kontar. Springer, Berlin Germany.

AMF Lagmay and R Eco (2014) Brief Communication: On the source characteristics and impacts of the magnitude 7.2 Bohol earthquake, Philippines. Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences, Vol. 14, 2795-2801.

AMF Lagmay, R Rodolfo, H Cabria, J Soria,P Zamora, C Abon, C Lit, M Lapus, E Paguican, MG Bato, G Tiu, E Obille, NE Pellejera, PC Francisco, R Eco, J Aviso (2011) Geological hazards of southwestern Natib Volcano, site of the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant, Philippines. Geological Society of London Special Publications.

PROJECTS [complete list]

Early detection of volcano flank failure using InSAR. Research Grant under Partnerships for Enhanced Engagement in Research (PEER) Science Program. Principal Invesigator: Alfredo Mahar Lagmay, PhD, University of the Philippines; US Partner: Falk Amelung, PhD, University of Miami

Nationwide Operational Assessment of Hazards – Enhancing Philippine Landslide Hazard Maps with LiDAR and High-Resolution Imagery. Project leader: Alfredo Mahar Lagmay, PhD. Funding agency: Department of Science and Technology.

Satellite and field detection and analysis of ground subsidence in KAMANAVA, Metro Manila and other coastal areas such as Hagonoy and Obando, Bulacan. Project leader: Alfredo Mahar Lagmay, PhD. Funding agency: Department of Science and Technology.

Task Force Sendong – UP Padayon Disaster Response Team Organized by the University of the Philippines to provide strategic assistance to the Iligan City in the aftermath of the flashfloods caused by Tropical Storm Sendong.

CONFERENCES [complete list]

R Eco, JJ Sulapas, MC Baldago, AMF Lagmay (2018). Ground surface deformation from recent Philippine earthquakes detected using DInSAR (poster presentation). New dimensions for hazards in Asia: An AOGS-EGU Joint Conference. Tagaytay City, Philippines. 4-8 February 2018.

R Eco, TM Herrero, PK Luzon, A Morales, AMF Lagmay and F Amelung (2015). Slope instability and movement in Kanlaon Volcano, Philippines (poster presentation). American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting, San Francisco, California, USA. 14-18 December 2015.

R Eco, KS Rodolfo, JJS Sulapas, AM Morales Rivera, AMFA Lagmay and F Amelung (2015) Widespread land subsidence in Metro Manila and surrounding areas seen from InSAR time-series analysis (oral presentation). The 36th Asian Conference on Remote Sensing. Manila, Philippines. 19-23 October 2015.

AMF Lagmay, R Eco, JA Alconis, MJ Gonzales, LG Minimo, TM Herrero, J Mendoza, RW Serrado, J Santiago and KS Rodolfo (2013). Catastrophic Debris Flows Triggered by Typhoon Bopha (Pablo) on December 4, 2012 in New Bataan, Compostela Valley (oral presentation). Asia Oceania Geosciences Society Annual Meeting, Brisbane, Australia. 24-28 June 2013.

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